Education evolves. 

So should your course business.

Adept is an end-to-end LMS for course businesses moving training in-house into the digital era.

Built to scale

Adept is the perfect solution for your training or course business, whether you're an established education company or an ambitious startup.

If you teach your students in-house or online, or a combination of several methods, you can rely on Adept as your main course platform.

Create interactive content with and embed into your online lessons.

Send in-app or email messages from within Adept or from your Intercom client.

Seamless communication

Integrated virtual classroom



Teach your students directly from within Adept with video conferencing, screensharing or whiteboard.

Your students love Adept

Students don't know they're using Adept. They think YOU have the most awesome and unique training website!

Here they get their personal calendar for their class schedule, can track learning progress and time, and interact with other students.

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Your teachers and training managers love Adept

You can now combine any and all teaching methods into your courses, whether that is traditional classroom lessons, one-to-one, webinars, virtual classroom (or recording of them) or e-learning content.

With Adept, anything and everything can be turned into lessons, from your local word or powerpoint files, to online media, blogs, websites. Even Facebook posts can be part of your course.

Building or integrating quizzes to test your student's know is of course easy and offers a variety of options for configuration.

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As a course business owner or manager, you know how overwhelming it can be to manage instructors and students. 

Adept promises to easen this burden with

  • Full control over billable hours
  • Easy student management at scale
  • Student certification automations

Why don't your try out Adept today? Book a free consultation call or sign in to our demo account.

You will love Adept too!

Adept reduces the time spent on administration of your course business, so you can focus on what really matters.

Powerful API

Connect your existing solutions to Adept with our powerful and well documented API. 

The API gives your full management abilities for all courses, content, students and their access licences.

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